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Recently published : Portuguese Orientalism. The Interplay of Power, Representation and Dialogue in the Nineteenth and Twenthieth Century. Edited by Marta Pacheco and Catarina Apolinário de Almeida, Sussex Academic Press, 2020.

  Contents Series Editors’ Preface                                                                                                                   ix Acknowledgments and Cover Illustrations                                                                               xi   Introducing Portuguese Orientalism                                                                                   1 Marta Pacheco Pinto   Part I Orientalist Networks of Knowledge   Chapter...

Two publications recently released by the research project TECOP (Texts and contexts of Portuguese Orientalism(s) )

Two publications were recently released by organizers and main participants of the TECOP project (Texts and Contexts of Portuguese Orientalism(s) : Marta Pacheco Pinto (coord.), A participação portuguesa nos congressos de orientalistas (1873-1973), Textos...

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