Recently published : Portuguese Orientalism. The Interplay of Power, Representation and Dialogue in the Nineteenth and Twenthieth Century. Edited by Marta Pacheco and Catarina Apolinário de Almeida, Sussex Academic Press, 2020.



Series Editors’ Preface                                                                                                                   ix

Acknowledgments and Cover Illustrations                                                                               xi


Introducing Portuguese Orientalism                                                                                   1

Marta Pacheco Pinto


Part I Orientalist Networks of Knowledge  

Chapter 1

Orientalism as Mental Cartography: The “Capitalized Wealth of Human Knowledge” and the Unity of Mankind                                                                                                                               25
Jean-Pierre Dubost


Chapter 2

Philippines: An Identity Built on Oblivion? An Oblique Asian Belonging to the East and the West, a Spanish Colonial Past and American Neo-Colonialism                                   45
Axel Gasquet


Chapter 3

“The gentile population is in the same social state today as it was in 1498”: António Lopes Mendes (1835–94), Geoculture and the Sub-Imperialism of Scientists                         60
Everton V. Machado


Part II Representations of ‘The Orient’ in Scientific and Literary Discourses


Chapter 4

Studies on the “Portuguese Orient” (India [Goa, Daman and Diu], Macau and Timor) in the Colonial Context: Political and Scientific Programmes (1880s–1960s)                            83
Patrícia Ferraz de Matos


Chapter 5

“A Western Light in Eastern Lands”: The Study Missions to the Estado da Índia and the Development of an Indo-Lusotropicalist Rhetoric                                                                   108
Joaquim Rodrigues dos Santos


Chapter 6

Belated Orientalism and Ideology in Portuguese Travel Writing on Africa                 141
Isadora de Ataíde Fonseca


Chapter 7

Not a “Malae,” Not Quite a “Kwai-Lo”: Language and Hybridity in the Luso-Oriental Third Space                                                                                                                                                     160
Inês Forjaz de Lacerda


Part III The Reception of the East and its Translations


Chapter 8

Abba Samuel and Abba Daniel: Coptic Lives Illuminated by Esteves Pereira’s Translations from Ge’ez                                                                                                                                        181
Catarina Apolinário de Almeida


Chapter 9

A Perspective on the Near East: Reports in the Portuguese Press about the Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun                                                                                                       200
José das Candeias Sales and Susana Mota


Chapter 10

Asian Drama in Portugal in the 1960s: Six Plays Broadcast on the National
Radio Station                                                                                                                                  222
Ana Teresa Marques dos Santos



“Portugal and England in Africa” (1891) by Guilherme de Vasconcelos Abreu
Marta Pacheco Pinto                                                                                                                     246


The Editors and Contributors                                                                                                      263


Index                                                                                                                                                 268



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