European Network of Japanese Philosophy (ENOJP)/ Ueda Shizuteru / Ideography


Next Congress of the ENOJP postponed to next year

Raquel Bouso (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona), president of the ENOJP (European Network of  Japanese Philosopohy) informs us that the next Congress of the ENOJP  which originally was due to take place in Budapest next September, has been postponed to next year. See

Adam Loughnane, Raquel Bouso published in 2019 / forthcoming

Adam Loughnane, Raquel Bouso (eds.) Tetsugaku Companion to Ueda Shizuteru. Thoughts about Language, Experience and Zen, published 2019 by Springer

Forthcoming  (2020) : Adam Loughnane,  Raquel Bouso (eds.),Tetsugaku Companion to Japanese Philosophy, Ueda Shizuteru.

Table of Contents (subject to amendment)

Introduction Raquel Bouso, Adam Loughnane, Ralf Müller

Part 1 Ueda Shizuteru’s Philosophy

Chapter 1: Introducing Ueda Chapter 2: The Contours of Ueda Shizuteru’s Philosophy of Zen Bret Davis

Part 2 Mysticism, Eckhart and Zen

Chapter 3: Ueda as Reader of Eckhart Bernard Stevens Chapter 4: An Ontology of Non-Discriminatory Love: The Resurrection of the Triune Self in Ueda Shizuteru’s Appropriation and Critique of Meister Eckhart Gregory Moss Chapter 5: “The Self that is not a self”: Ueda and Guoan’s Ten Ox pictures Gereon Kopf Chapter 6: On Mysticism and Non-Mysticism Carlotta Moiso

Part 3 Ueda and Contemporary Philosophy

Chapter 7: Ueda on Being-in-the-Twofold-World or World Amidst The Open Expanse: Reading Nishida Through Heidegger and Reading Heidegger Through Nishida John Krummel Chapter 8: Nishida and Ueda on Philosophical Reflection Ishihara Yuko Chapter 9: Twofold Being-in-the-World in Ueda’s Philosophy: On His Interpretation of Heidegger and Nishida Ōta Hironobu Chapter 10: In-between: Religious quest and philosophy of life in Ueda and Buber Raquel Bouso Chapter 11: Ueda’s Metaethics Jason Dockstader Part 4 Hermeneutics and Language Chapter 12: Ueda and Heidegger: Playing in Hollowness, Abiding in Actuality and the Risk of Poetic Language Adam Loughnane Chapter 13:The articulation of silence in language. About Ueda Shizuteru’s language thinking Ralf Müller Chapter 14: Nothingness and the poetic experience: Ueda and Valente Pablo Acosta and Raquel Bouso Chapter 15: Being With and In Language Ueda’s Phenomenological Approach to Language through Urwort Kuwayama Yukiko Part 5 Ueda in debate Chapter 16: Introduction to Ueda’s works James W. Heisig Chapter 17: Reviewing Ueda’s PhD Dissertation- Review Heinrich Dumoulin – Review Jan Sudbrack Chapter 18: Ueda Shizuteru and Ito Masao discussing the heart – The depth of the heart Ueda Shizuteru – Replying to Ueda: The brain and the secret of the heart Ito Masao Chapter 19: Interview: To Shoulder The Tradition of the Kyoto School Ueda Shizuteru interviewed by Takahashi Yoshito

Appendix                       Bibliography                The Ten Oxherding Pictures

Adam Loughnane :  (2019) Merleau-Ponty and Nishida: Artistic Expression as Motor-Perceptual Faith. New York: SUNY.

Raquel Bouso published in the Revista Studi di Estetica,   “Ideografie. La ricezione moderna e contemporanea dell’estetica orientale in Europa” an article entitled “Mirar a través, ver claramente.Reconsiderando la perspectiva renacentista desde la filosofía  japonesa” .


Raquel Bouso has also collaborated to Differences in Identity in Philosophy and Religion. A Cross-Cultural Approach, eds. Lydia Azadpour, Sarah Flavel, Russell Re Manning.


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