Just published : MIGRATING MINDS. Theory and Practices of Cultural Cosmopolitanism. Edited by Didier Coste, Christina Kkona and Nicoletta Pireddu (Routledge, 2022).

 Table of Contents

Introduction by Didier Coste, Christina Kkona and Nicoletta Pireddu : Where Are They All Going? Ways of Cosmopolitan Mind

Part 1 Cosmopolitan Theories, Contemporary Debates

1 Jean-Pierre DUBOST. “The Paradox of the Cosmopolitan: Individuality, Globalism, and the Indefinite Openness of the World.”

2 Robert TALLY. “A Postmodern Mappamundi: Cosmopolitanism, Heterotopia, and the World System.”

3 Alexis NOUSS. “Exilic and Refugee Cosmopolitanism: The Migrant as a Political Subject.”

4 Angelica MONTES-MONTOYA. “Édouard Glissant and Creole Cosmopolitanization.”

5 Bertrand GUEST. “For an Earthly and Cosmic Justice. Some Voices Raised against Climatic Walls.”

6 ZHANG Longxi. “Reaching out to the World against the Grain.”

Part 2 Cosmopolitics in Literature

7 Didier COSTE. “A Mixed Lot on the Margins: Mimetic Desire and Native Impersonations.”

8 Maya BOUTAGHOU. “Being Berber, or How to be Condemned to Cosmopolitanism.”

9 Ignacio LÓPEZ-CALVO, and Garima PANWAR SINGH. “Global South Aesthetics of Anxiety: (Un)rooted Cosmopolitanisms in Castellanos Moya’s El sueño del retorno and Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness.”

10 Gautam CHAKRABARTI . “Hei-Ren-Hei-Hu: Be/Longing and E/Migration in the Work of a Chinese Dissident.”

11 Sébastien DOUBINSKY. “Breakthrough or Breakdown? Transcultural communication in Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness and in Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris.

12 Hena AHMAD. “Cosmopolitan Feminism/Feminist Cosmopolitanism in Kamila Shamsie’s Homefire.”

13 Christina KKONA.“Xenophilic Queerness in Woolf and Arenas.”

Part 3 The teachings of Live Cosmopolitanism

14 Apostolos LAMPROPOULOS. “Cosmopolitanism, Ghostpitality, and Some (Un)critical Intimacies.”

15 Tintin WULIA. “Making the Wall One’s Own. Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism, the Border, Iconic Objects and Performance.”

16 Nicoletta PIREDDU. “Euroglottogonia, or, Exercises in Continental Cosmopolitanism.”

17 Mihaela URSA. “Cosmopolis Today: Comparative Literature and its Diacritical Marks.”

18 Huiwen (Helen) ZHANG. “Transreading across Cultures: American Students Decipher a Modern Chinese Classic.”

19 Rukmini Bhaya NAIR (IITD Delhi), “Caged Childhoods? Human Capabilities, Migrating cosmopolitanisms and Educational Experimentation.”

Part 4 Document

Presentation of Ying Chen by Christine LORRE-JOHNSTON.

20 Ying CHEN. “Letters from Umbria and other places, Summer 2019”- An interview by Christine LORRE-JOHNSTON.


Book description and reviews : 



Three partner researchers of our project “Les Orients désorientés / Desoriented Orients” have participated to this book : Didier Coste as co-editor, Jean-Pierre Dubost and Ignacio Lopez-Calvo as contributors. The book offers multiple perspectives and opens up many horizons for research and reflection. It is in many ways in line with our approaches and concerns.

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Jean-Pierre Dubost (7 janvier 2022). Just published : MIGRATING MINDS. Theory and Practices of Cultural Cosmopolitanism. Edited by Didier Coste, Christina Kkona and Nicoletta Pireddu (Routledge, 2022). LES ORIENTS DESORIENTÉS. Consulté le 25 juillet 2024 à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/quq5

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