Auteur : gerinikanokw

Kanokwan Gerini (Silpakorn University, Bangkok) Reconstructing G.E Gerini’s Roles as the Commissioner-General to H.M. the King of Siam at the Turin International Exhibition, 1911: A Point of View of Manuscripts on Microfilm

Kanowkan  Gerini is Associate Professor of English Literature at the Department of Western Languages and Cultural Resource  Management, Master’s Program, Faculty of Archaeology of  Silpakorn University in Bangkok. She has attended the first Conference of ...

Kanokwan Gerini (Silpakorn University, Bangkok) : G.E. Gerini’s ‘Tales of Rhizomatic Errantry’ : Multilingually Spoken

  Errantry and relation The tale of errantry is the tale of Relation. In contrast to discovery, conquest or exile, the trajectory and intent of errantry as interpreted by Édouard Glissant is very much...

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